Simplest & Effective
Traction Aid

ZipGripGo is an Emergency Traction Aid with dual-directional cleats allowing drivers to quickly get their vehicles “unstuck“ from ice, snow, mud and sand!

Works On All Tires

ZipGripGo is designed to work on Car Truck Van & SUV tires up to 22“.

Save Money

ZipGripGo is the affordable traction aid that everybody can use. A fraction of the cost of a tow!

Be Prepaired

Don’t get stuck! Keep ZipGripGo in your trunk all year long. Peace of mind is priceless.



ZipGripGo is a set of 10 disposable traction zip ties.



Simple & Effective

Redesigned for Superior Strength!

Economical & Easy to Use!

Be a Hero – Help Someone in Need!

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In Action

ZipGripGo Application

Watch the original ZipGripGo being applied and utilized in a real-world scenario

Over 250,000 units sold nationwide

ZipGripGo is the leader in single-use traction aids. Recently upgraded with stronger materials and a new marketing team – ZipGripGo is poised to become an essential offering for all automotive safety and emergency preparedness retailers.

Improved Materials

Newly engineered plastic formulation to increase performance in cold weather without coming brittle, plastic will also store longer in the vehicle without becoming brittle.

Updated Design

The body of the zip tie strap has been re-engineered to improve the ratcheting mechanism of the head while reducing the depth of the ratchet teeth to increase tensile strength and improve the durability of the overall product.

New Color

New BOLD GREEN color is designed with safety in mind and is a guarantee that you’re getting the newest improved version!

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Easy Install

Simply Zip, Grip & GO!

Designed to be easily installed by all – no special skills required!

Step One

Thread male end of zip through gap of wheel rim starting from behind the tire.

Step Two

Insert tip of zip through locking tip and slowly tighten making sure cleats stay centered on the tread portion of tire.

Step Three

After applying to both drive wheels – slowly drive forward until unstuck. Carefully remove zips with snips or shears.

Full Instructions

Client Testimonials

Retailers and Consumers all love ZipGripGo

“You may not want to keep chains on all winter, so before you inevitably get stuck in ice and snow, toss a 10-pack of ZipGripGoties into your glove box. When you get into a bind, cinch five of these thick zip ties around each drive wheel, lock them in, and let the plastic nubs act like cleats, providing instant traction. Once you’re safely free from the ice, you can snip off the ties with scissors.”

Patrick Smith


Living in Salt Lake City Utah means dealing with all weather extremes.  I never switch out my tires to winter ones and often found myself getting stuck, once in my own driveway!  Since discovering ZGG I’ve used them no less than 4 times and ALWAYS keep two pairs in my trunk.  Thanks for a great product!

Susan Jeffrey

Fitness guru